Saturday, July 24, 2010

July weekend

Our 7-week-old baby rolled over on his own today. Twice! I didn't believe it the first time, so I put him on his stomach again to see what would happen. He pushed his little self up and rolled right over again. Is that normal?

I have had the little boys to myself for the past two days and I have them to myself again tomorrow. I attempted a trip out of the house this morning and it didn't go very well. I realized that I have not had a single good experience with taking Samson in public. When in the car or the stroller, he SCREEEAAAAAMMMMS like someone is trying to torture him! Ugh. I am learning much patience right now.

Something in my mama gut tells me that there is something brewing in Elijah right now. On Friday he had a 101-degree temp for a few hours. He has been pretty lethargic and tired for the past few days and a little bit extra crabby. When I took his temp on Friday, I literally started shaking and crying. I immediately thought there was something going on with his heart and I called his cardiologist right away. They told me to keep an eye on things, but most likely he just has a bug of some sort. I hate getting the reminders that Elijah's heart is fragile. It is easy to get caught up in normalcy and to forget about those things I wish would go away.

I got Sammy to bed early tonight and was able to take a nice relaxing bath. It is the little things like that that keep me sane! Have a good weekend, everyone! Thank you for checking in on us.


Cecilia said...

Your two little men are sooooooooo
cute, I like Elijah's new hair, cool!

I hope Elijah is ok now, bless him.

Have a nice week!

The Smith's said...

Praying this bug of Elijah's just flies by him! You are such a good mama!

Ann Marie Huttner said...

Those pics of elijah climbing the blow up hill are so cute! Praying that he feels a-ok tomorrow! Good rollin Sam-and I can't wait to see that smile! Maybe Will and I will take a trip down your way this Friday to catch up! xoxo

Sarah said...

That seems so early for rolling over on his own but, I don't remember when they are expected to be able to. Poor Sam... likes being home and fighting naps! I know what you mean... we get caught up in *normal* life and then something sparks that concern again. Sometimes it just brings me to tears. Those normal times are so nice.

Lee Family said...

I am sorry to hear about Elijah's fever, I hope it does not turn into something serious.
How exciting for Sam what a milestone :) and such a cutie pie.