Friday, July 9, 2010

Sleep, I miss you!

A few quick Elijah things and then I will get to how things are going here. I have no idea where he got this from, but he has been saying, "Oh mah GOSH, how you DO that?"

He has also been saying "NO!" to Dan and me a lot lately. He knows this is not a nice thing. When we hear him say it, Dan and I respond with, "Elijah, if you say no to me one more time, we are going to have to sit in a time-out." So then he will start saying "NO!" slightly differently, like with another vowel on the end, or just saying "Huh uh!" Tricky!

Elijah has been extremely interested in sign language lately. I have taught him every sign I know and he has them all memorized and uses them often. He signs complete sentences to me as he speaks them, like, "More milk please, mom!" I'm going to look up more signs so I can keep teaching him new ones.

Potty training is incredibly frustrating for me right now. I have felt like a complete failure in this area. Elijah has shown ZERO interest in going potty on the potty chair. Any time we have his training pants on, he asks for his diaper back. He has had two unrelated surgeries around the area of his bladder that could possibly have affected bladder control and I'm starting to wonder if this could be the case. We have made absolutely no progress and I don't know where to go from here. Especially in such a sleep-deprived state.

Speaking of being sleep-deprived.. UGH. Yesterday was a very rough day. Sam refused to sleep basically all day long (minus a few short 20-minute naps), which made him extremely fussy. When Dan got home from work at 9:00 last night, I handed him the crying baby as I broke down in tears. I know that Sam is still in the unpredictable baby stage and that I shouldn't whine about anything right now, but I just felt so frazzled and crazed. He is sleeping in his swing right now, so I'm praying today will be a much better day.

Sam has had a few nights now with TWO four-hour stretches of sleep. This is most definitely something to be thankful for!

Elijah is spending a little bit of time with his friends at daycare today so hopefully Samson and I can recuperate from our rough day. I very badly need to go to the grocery store, but I'm afraid Screaming Sam might surface once we get there. I might have to take that risk. Looking through the refrigerator and pantry every ten minutes in hopes that food has magically appeared is getting tiring.


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

I love seeing all these cute pics of the boys.
I feel for you, mama, and will be praying that you get some rest really soon! (i seriously thought I was going out of my mind from the lack of sleep with moriah and i only had one to take care of then!)
Thinking of you...

Chad said...

Those sleep-deprived days make you feel like a crazed zombie, don't they?! Hopefully Sam lets you sleep when Elijah is at daycare and they take naps at the same time (this never happens often enough!). Oh and the demands of the household will wait until you can get to them;) I feel for you and am sending much love and prayers your way!

Thinking of you,

Cecilia said...

Elijah is cute and cool as always!

I hope you can get some sleep and have a relaxing weekend!

Sending our love your way xoxo

M said...

I have been in your situation twice, I have three kids. Here's my advice; don't bother with potty training him now. It's not worth it, and he won't be fazed by stopping. Put the undies away and tell him that he can try later,no big deal. Try again when Sam is older. His bladder may not be mature enough, or maybe the surgeries have something to do with the situation.On average boys potty train at around three and a half to four years, girls at around two. Don't make this hard on yourself,I know how tired you are!! I will say some prayers for you and all your boys!

Kendis said...

here's wishing some zzzzzz's come your way. Tell Dan hello and smooch the little guys for me. Miss you, Kendis

Anonymous said...

Definitely put potty training on the back burner for now. I worked on it for 2 years with Aiden and it wasn't worth the frustration when I look back on it. Kids do things at different paces and its perfectly fine. Aiden was trained a few months after turning 4. And I only have one kid to contend with!

I'm so glad you decided to be ok with formula for Sam. As much as we push ourselves as parents and want to do the best for our kids sometimes the best is not beating ourselves up.

Give Elijah some room for the changes in his life and come back to potty training at another time. You'll both be much happier (other than cost of diapers and changing two kids, of course).

Aiden was also a 'catnapper' at that age. He averaged 20 and 40 minute naps during the day and slept for 3-4 hour stints at night.

I feel your pain!

Tracy said...

I was also going to say don't worry about the potty training thing. If he's strongly opposed to it right now, maybe it's not the right time. He's had lots of changes in his world in the past while so maybe he's not ready to change anything else at this time. And oh, those sleep deprived days ... I remember them well. Try to keep your chin up ... they will pass ... I remember literally reminding myself that the baby would sleep ... eventually!

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