Friday, January 24, 2014

A weekend with my precious boys (and a lot of Pillow Pets)

The Pillow Pets keep rolling in, which we are SO happy about! Every day we are overwhelmed by the number of packages that arrive at our door. There is still time to help! Elijah particularly gets SO EXCITED about each delivery. "MORE PILLOW PETS, MOM! The kids are going to be SO HAPPY!"

The boys have been playing so well together lately. I can sit in the loft and work for an entire hour while they play in their bedroom or downstairs. And they GET ALONG! The main difference between now and a month ago is that Elijah is MUCH slower to anger. He is so much more patient with Sammy and he lets him take the lead (which Sammy prefers). I wonder if something about surgery has made him feel better...or if the low dose of Valium he is still on might be helping him to be more chill.

(The boys playing with their stuffed animals in their room..)

I brought Elijah to his first memory-learning-attention appointment yesterday. When we arrived I learned that the visits are NOT covered by his insurance, which nearly caused me to have a panic attack in the office as I put $550 onto my credit card. The entire ordeal is $3.5k, and we do not have that money right now. We need to make some major decisions. I feel in my gut that this place will provide us with valuable answers, but...the financial side is so tricky.

The initial visit involved a lot of questions. The doctor gave Elijah a brain "puzzle" to put together while he and I chatted. Elijah did his thing and put the entire brain together with total patience and perseverance. The doctor later told me that it is extremely rare that anyone (especially a child) is able to put the brain together. When he left the room at one point, I tried it myself and COULD NOT get even two of the pieces together! It was crazy! We've always known this, but our boy is so very smart. BOTH of our boys are so smart! Sammy amazes me every day with his smart little brain.

I felt like the doctor did a good job of wrapping his head around our complicated situation. Assuming our money tree starts blossoming in the next few weeks, testing will begin on February 5th! [insert nervous laughter]

E had his second round of homebound schooling today and it went great! Dan is out of town for the weekend, so the little boys and I are enjoying quality mama-boy time. We had pizza-movie night tonight. Tomorrow will involve playing, snuggling and tickling. Thanks for checking in!

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