Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Sudden Amazing Recovery

WE ARE HOME! A few minutes after getting my sweet Sammy back today, Dan called from the hospital and said that the nurses were WOWed by Elijah's sudden amazing recovery. He kept insisting on walking around his hospital room, IV pole in tow, which is just crazy! He easily kept food and water down all day with ZERO bouts of nausea or vomiting. His blood pressure has been normal since 2:00 this morning. He felt no dizziness and was alert and in good spirits all day long.

Prayers were answered today in such a major way. When I think back to 24 hours ago?! Wow. There have been so many people praying for our boy in the past 24 hours and those prayers WERE HEARD AND ANSWERED. I will never forget this. Dan and I are changed. We both have a renewed perspective and more grace than ever. In between my ridiculous hospital-aftermath tears, we have talked about Elijah and the big-picture tonight. It's good stuff and I think we will both be better parents and people because of this experience.

When Elijah and Dan got off the elevator at the hospital (Sammy and I were eagerly awaiting their arrival downstairs), Sammy excitedly yelled, "We're all TOGETHER again!" It was the sweetest thing. The car ride home was nice. The boys were so very happy to be together again, doing their usual back-and-forth banter. Usually I would have shut some of it down (the potty talk parts), but tonight I loved it and let it go. Our boys love each other so deeply. At one point Elijah said, "We're BEST friends, Mom!" :)

Elijah was very wobbly on his feet tonight. He swayed all over the place and freaked me out a few times while trying to walk through the kitchen. He will need assistance for a few days. We aren't sure how to proceed with school yet. We'll take it one day at a time.

Thank you for reading and for praying! Your prayers made a difference!

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