Saturday, January 11, 2014


We think we found the cause of the low blood pressure and low heart rate. I had a feeling in my gut all afternoon and evening that something was amiss. Elijah was acting strange. The things he was saying and the way he was saying them were different than usual. His nurse took vitals about an hour after he had fallen asleep and I heard her say, "THAT can't be right." His BP was 70/46 and heart rate was in the 80s. 

Elijah's room was suddenly filled with nurses...some trying to calm ME down and some trying to figure out what was going on. They called Dr. L and he told them to get an ICU doc to the room immediately. A very kind doctor came in, glanced through his chart and reviewed his list of current meds. He thinks that two of the meds E is on are having a cumulative sedative effect, causing him to be EXTRA sedated. He has been on both meds since Tues/Wed, and one of the nurses told me that one of those meds typically is not given for more than a few days in a row for this very reason. Both meds are being discontinued immediately. They are pushing IV fluids through him more quickly to flush the meds out.

In the meantime, they are checking his BP every 15 minutes. The last reading was 73/54, so slightly better but still really low. HR still in 80s. He is super lethargic and cannot be totally awakened out of sleep. Everyone found it to be encouraging that when we were poking at him to wake up, he was able to groggily yell at us, "STOP TOUCHING ME!" 

I can honestly say that I have NEVER panicked like that before here in the hospital. I was so close to having a full-blown panic attack when the ICU doctor arrived. His calm demeanor and confidence about what was going on helped me feel better instantly. I told the nurse not to tell me the BP readings anymore unless they have improved, and I situated E's IV pole so that it blocks my view of his heart rate monitor.

I'm going to try to get some sleep here next to him. Thank you all so much for rallying for our boy. Please don't stop the prayers!

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