Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rough night

This was my view for most of the night.  Between vomit-catching, hand-holding, hair-rubbing, worrying and listening to the extremely loud pipes in the wall 1 foot from my head...not much sleep was had. I am expecting the human to zombie transformation to begin any time. 

Dr. L stopped in this morning and saw the puke bowl propped under E's chin. He explained that some people respond to this type of surgery with severe vertigo symptoms. Every time he opens his eyes he gets dizzy and experiences nausea/vomiting. He threw up A TON during the night. There is absolutely nothing left in his stomach. He is feeling sad and crummy.  Dr. L said to expect to be here another night or two. Please pray for a turn-around today and for him to be able to keep food down.

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