Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lego smiles

The Lego ambulance and fire truck are made! E is one happy boy. He keeps saying, "Aww! Thanks, Mom! Thank you so much for these Legos!" 

It kinda seems like we might be here for a while. If his body is moved at ALL, he throws up. We talked to PT briefly and they seemed to think they might not be able to help (??). He is resting now and just received another round of Valium to help alleviate dizziness/nausea. Thank you for the kind messages, texts, calls and of course prayers!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about all that you have been going through! Praying for healing and strength.

I love seeing the wish trip friends that are keeping him company in the hospital!

Please give both boys a hug from us!

Lori and Charlie