Thursday, January 9, 2014

Time to retrain the brain

We had an extensive visit with a physical therapist this afternoon and we gained some insight about what is making Elijah so dizzy. She ruled out vestibular issues and is thinking this is more of an eye issue. His brain and eyes aren't in sync, for whatever reason. Body movements (especially involving his head) are VERY tough for him and either make him experience nausea or dizziness (or both). Now we begin the process of re-training his brain so that it knows that movement is normal.

The PT gave me some eye strengthening exercises to do with him and we also need to start pushing him to sit up, roll over, move his head, etc, even as uncomfortable as it might make him. She had him read a few pages in a book and even that made him vomit. There is no way to know how long this process will take. It could happen quickly, or it could be months. As soon as he can keep food and water down consistently, we can head home. It could take a handful of days or even a week (or more) to get to that point.

This is all a bit frustrating, but at least we know how to proceed. AND...we truly are blessed. Things could be so much worse. We are grateful for our boy (BOTH of our boys!) and we are constantly amazed at his strength and smile through it all. Thanks for the prayers! To be continued..

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