Saturday, January 11, 2014

Making progress

We got Elijah upright a couple times today. He sat in a chair for 15 minutes before getting very tired...and then very sick (which we expected). We really tried to push him, against his wishes and with some complaining (I don't blame him one bit). He vomited quite a bit between the time he woke up this morning and 2:00. After that, we took it easy with moving him around so he could keep food down. And he did! He had yogurt, crackers, a fortune cookie, banana slices, water and juice, and it is all still in his belly! He got really close to losing it all around 6:00, but managed to keep it down. Evenings have been his most difficult time for nausea/vomiting, so this is huge!

We have been given so much love today! Dan's parents stopped by this afternoon with takeout for me (yummy and SO appreciated!) and love for both Elijah and me. Pastor Londa stopped by with two of her amazing children to give us love. We have been attending her church for about a year now and LOVE it. It was so nice to get to know her better! Her kids were very kind and they kept Elijah company while Londa and I chatted in the cafeteria downstairs. I was fighting off some major negative thoughts/feelings for most of the day, so our visitors were the perfect distraction. They were the sunshine in our day!

I'm guessing we will be here a couple more days, but we will get the doctor's thoughts in the morning. Good night! Thank you for the prayers and love!

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