Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pillow Pets for "the kids" and our first day of homebound schooling!

Wow! Dan and I were FLOORED when we saw all of the Pillow Pets we had received in the mail today. Not only did all of these packages arrive at our door, we also received donations with very heartfelt notes included. One in particular moved me to sobbing tears. It was from a long-time friend who confessed that Elijah's recent ordeal in the hospital moved him to pray for the first time in ten years. Not that I would ever wish for either one of my boys to ever endure hospital time and sickness, but if it could bring even one person to know Jesus..

Back to the Pillow Pets! If you haven't yet and would like to contribute to our "cause" that is growing with each passing day, please help in any way that you can! When we are finished collecting (not sure when we'll be done, but at least a few more weeks), we will deliver the Pillow Pets to Mpls Children's Hospital to be distributed to the kids there. It has been so much fun to see Elijah get excited about it (Sammy isn't totally wrapping his head around the concept of giving quite yet). With every one that arrives, Elijah asks me for a new count. "NOW how many Pillow Pets do we have for the kids?" I love that he refers to them as "the kids." In standard Elijah fashion, he asks me what their names are and how old they are. :)

Elijah had his first day of homebound schooling today. It went GREAT! Elijah's homebound teacher (his sp ed case mgr at school) is awesome and we love her. She had the idea of having Elijah's classmates write him get well cards, so he received and read through those today. He was SO HAPPY about each one and read through every word. One card had "I love you" written on it. Elijah dropped it to the ground and said, "Ugh. That just doesn't make sense." :) He was particularly excited to read two of the cards, both from girls that I have never heard him mention. One had a heart-shaped hot air balloon colored on the front. They were all adorable. Ms. W told us that his classmates have been asking a lot about Elijah and that they miss him. I think it makes him feel good to hear that.

The lesson part of the visit went great! He did his math and reading and spelling with ease and with total cooperation. She was impressed that he grasped all of the concepts so quickly with as much school as he's missed. It was nice to be able to have her here and chat with her about specific concerns we have about him going back to school. She understands and I think she'll stand behind our boy.

Tomorrow is our first appointment at the attention-learning-memory center. I feel SO hopeful about it. I just confirmed today that all of the visits involved are 100% covered by insurance, which is a huge blessing. We are thankful for Medical Assistance!

I'll end with a few cute Sammy-isms!

Sammy turned around and punched me square in the face.
Me: WHAT in the world was THAT?! NOT OK!
S: But I didn't do it! My puncher did!

Newly-invented word of the day:
Sammy: "Elijah, leave my toy ALONE! ..... MOM! Elijah is traumaticking me!"

And tonight as we were finishing dinner, Sammy leaned over and put his head in my lap. He sighed deeply and said, "Ugh! Mom, I do NOT love bad guys."

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